The St. Petersburg Plant Of Dizel Spare Parts
medium-speed diesel engines
main engines on offshore vessels / standby diesel power plants at NPP
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     LLC PO St. Petersburg Diesel Spare Parts Plant (LLC PO SPB ZDZ) was organized by specialists of the Russky Diesel plant, which produced ship diesel engines and power plants of original design, as well as under licenses Pielstick (one of the MAN brands) and Wartsila.

     Since 2004, OOO PO SPB ZDZ has been repairing and servicing Russian Diesel, Pielstick, Sulzer, MAN, Wartsila and other brands as the service service service of Russian Diesel.

     The organization is equipped with qualified specialists and has experience in servicing and repair work both in factory conditions and in ship conditions. The works and services performed shall be guaranteed from 6 to 24 months and the works/services shall be submitted to the Inspections of the Sea and River Registers.

     The availability of a wide range of equipment ensures the implementation of repair work in compliance with technologies and quality.

     Service centers of PO SPB ZDZ LLC are located in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Las Palmas (Spain, Canary Islands), which allows you to simultaneously perform work at several facilities in different regions, reduce delivery to the place of work, use technologies that shorten the repair time.

     SPB ZDZ LLC performs work in Russia, as well as in more than 40 countries: the EU, Africa and Asia. The activities of the enterprise are carried out with the approval of Lloyd's, the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, the Russian River Register and other inspections.

     LLC PO SPB ZDZ produces a number of replacement parts for diesel engines Russky Diesel by order, supplies spare parts for diesel engines and ship equipment of other brands.