the performed works

1. Maintenance and repair of main and auxiliary engines on ships of the marine and river fleet, including replacement, re-laying of crankshafts of main and auxiliary engines, replacement of engine cylinder blocks.

2. Maintenance and repair of stationary onshore engines providing power supply or equipment drive.

3. Maintenance and repair of emergency and standby generator engines. Maintenance and repair of turbochargers of Russian and imported production type. TC, VTR and others.

4. Maintenance and repair of connecting couplings Geislinger, Spiroflex, Vulkan, etc.

5. Non-destructive detection of parts: color flaw detection, magnetic powder flaw detection at the repair site (compact equipment with certificate and approval of RMRS, RRRS).

6. Repair and repair of parts with the help of compact equipment from Chris-Marine (groove of seats on the cylinder cover, groove of valve trays, bore of cylinder cover for replacement of seats. Honing of cylinder bushings. Grinding of engine base plates).

7. Replacement, re-laying, alignment of crankshafts of main and auxiliary engines. Alignment of engine with reduction gear box, generator, units with drives.

8. Repair of GD gears.

9. Assistance in the preparation of repair lists for the repair of ships: for annual presentation, interim presentation, presentation to class.