About us

St. Petersburg plant of diesel spare parts (SPB ZDZ) was organized by specialists of the factory «Russian Diesel» (hereinafter referred to as «RD») which produced vessel diesel engines and power plants of both original designs and by licenses of the concerns Wartsila and MAN - Pielstick.

Our factory since 2005 in a role of service service «Russian Diesel» makes repair of diesel engines and service of diesel engines of such manufacturers, as:

- Factory "Russian Diesel",

- Corporation «Wartsila»,

- Factory «SKL Motor GmbH»,

- «Sulzer Corporation» («ZGODA-SULZER»,«SULZER-Wartsila»),

- Corporation MAN B&W,

- Corporation МАК,

- Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.,

- Corporation DEUTZ,

- Corporation YANMAR and others.

Apart from inter-voyage maintenance, class, and emergency (in ship repair), and regular preventive inspection and regular preventive works (on diesel power plants), the factory also carries out factory works (to remove motor defects) directly on sites using special gear and processing machines in the following volume:

- Re-installation of lay shafts

- Polishing of lay shaft flanges high pressure fuel pump drive plates

- Re-installation of crank shafts

- Turning and polishing of crank shaft pins

- Turning (polishing) of upper framework plates

- Turning (polishing) of thrust shoulders of cylinder liner cooling jackets

- Boring of sockets and press-fitting of inlet valve repair seats in cylinder caps

- Restoring rod connector combs and crack bearing saddle geometry

- Restoring cylinder liner grooves and sealing ring working belts in cylinder liner jackets using polymer materials

- Machining of crank shafts and diesel engine frameworks using the existing mini-machines

- Restoring standard tools and gear (a ship’s mandatory equipment package)

The specialists of the “SPB ZDZ” repair vessel diesel engines under the surveillance of the Russian Marine Register of Navigation, Russian River Register and other inspections which are part of ACS within Russia and more than 20 countries of Europe, Africa, and Asia.